Learn how to make optimum use of existing IT Contract Job Classifications in assessing your qualifications and seeking your position. Here’s a very useful guide to positioning yourself to get an IT position from a contract in your skill and at your level.

This article lays down some of the basics for working with IT Service Providers with contracts, whether you are working in Web Development with Java, Java Script and ColdFusion, Client-Server technologies with GUI as a C++ Programmers, Java and Java Script Programmer, or Oracle and SQL Database Administrators, or Network and Telecom Engineers.

The outlook is positive for information technology employment. New information technology jobs and occupations are being created. Not only are companies buying new equipment to replace equipment purchased 10 years ago. Client-server, PC and Internet technologies require specialists to deal with operating systems, databases, network management, tech support, security, web development and business reengineering and planning. Information technology careers will be born and grow to heights in the next years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that more than 600,000 computer and information technology jobs will be added to the information technology job market between now and 2012. Chief information officers of IT-related companies foresee an increase in available information technology jobs in the next 10 years. Information technology job trends indicate that careers in information technology are hot.

Fastest growing information technology jobs

Computer and information technology jobs are expected to grow across the entire information technology job spectrum, but some information technology jobs will outpace others in terms of demand. Computer and information technology jobs related to client-server programming, networking, wireless and information security will be in demand in the information technology job market. As companies invest in enterprise computing, there will be need for networking and security specialists who can handle networks that interlink various parts of the enterprise.

Information technology job trends also anticipate enterprise technical support to become a highly desired information technology job. Information technology job responsibilities such as help desk, quality assurance, and systems administration, which used to be part of information technology job descriptions for various IT positions, are being treated as separate computer jobs and information technology jobs.

Based on information technology job descriptions, information technology jobs that call for information technology professionals with niche skills will also grow. Information technology job descriptions call for Application, Development and Database Programmers; Network and Infrastructure Engineers and Specialists; Security Specialists; Operations Personnel, PC Support, Help Desk; IT Management & Planning, IT Procurement and Vendor Relations Specialists, and IT Administrative Support staff.

Professionals who want to boost their information technology careers should consider specializing in Java and Microsoft. Net applications or in packaged applications like PeopleSoft or Veritas will require software engineering specialists. IT professionals must learn all the time, following the development of new hardware and software products. As new products are developed to support networks, network administration, security, and tech support, cellular, wireless, and the web, information technology jobs will follow. Information Technology jobs supporting software and hardware products by Cisco, Computer Associates, IBM, Macromedia, Microsoft, Network Associates, Sun, Symantec, Veritas, will be in high demand on a continuous basis. As new players enter the IT marketplace, there will be the need for information technology professionals to learn, deploy and support their products.

Other trends in the information technology job market

Information technology job trends underscore the importance for professionals to update their skills. Information technology careers are built on continuing professional development. This includes getting vendor training, attending seminars, and possibly obtaining additional certifications. With information technology training IT professionals keep pace with fast-changing technology. Each training course, vendor seminar and added skill will improve market value in the information technology job market.

Information technology job descriptions will continue to emphasize teamwork and communication skills in information technology professionals. The need for such skills is highlighted by the fact that information technology jobs will involve more interaction than ever between information technology consultants, information technology staff and end-users. Translating business process reengineering into information technology applications and information systems requires good comprehension and good communication. Information technology staff will have to communicate as well at a high level with vendors and contractors.

IT Skill Sets & IT Contract Job Classifications

Increasingly, the information technology job descriptions will require an array of skill sets that may be called on. (See IT Skill Sets.)The development of skills sets is important. Skill sets will contribute to working with members of the IT project team and department. Skill sets will be called on in putting an application together and understanding the infrastructure. Skill sets will vastly enhance the ability to move with the organization and the computer and IT industry in bringing the latest knowledge to bear on your work.

While skill sets are the meat of the information technology job and obtaining information technology employment, sample IT Contract Job Classifications show that employers are looking for levels of experience.

Work experience translates into levels of experience. The sample IT contract Job Classifications demonstrate how IT service providers often translate their client’s need into placement of the right person for the job. When a client says “I need a team leader,” that will translate into a level of experience and expertise, and a pay level the IT service provider and client will agree on.

Outsourcing Provides Information Technology Employment

Outsourcing will continue to affect the way some companies deploy their information technology jobs and handle their information systems work. Companies may not want to develop IT departments. If their essential service is banking, manufacturing, health or some other industry, companies may rely on IT outsourcing company experts to handle their IT services. Seeking an information technology job with an IT Outsourcing Company should be part of an effective IT job seeking strategy. IT Outsourcing Companies have divisions in IT consulting, IT management and planning, IT data center and operations, programming and network development, and tech support. IT Outsourcing Companies may specialize in a specialty of the IT industry such as data warehousing, help desk or call center technology. Getting placed with a U.S. based IT Outsourcing company provides an opportunity to develop an industry specialty and work with a variety of clients.

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